What to pair with Un Per Due

What to pair with Un Per Due

  • 05 November, 2021
  • David Juliano

Un Per Due is an exciting new aperitif, perfect before any meal, but it’s much more than that. Any time of day, alone or with friends, anywhere you happen to be, an outdoor cafe, an intimate restaurant or around the kitchen table. Any time you need a refreshing beverage, light and delightful, tasty and tasteful, elegant or casual, reach for an Un Per Due. 

You can pair Un Per Due with any meal, but here are some hors d’oeurves that we can recommend to enhance the particular flavors of this refreshing drink:

1) Formaggio and prosciutto

The Un Per Due goes great with Italian cheeses and ham.  The combination of sweet and salty of the prosciutto is a great complement to the Un per Due taste.  Obviously, cheese pairs well with most wine based products and helps bring out the delicate flavors.  You can pair any cheese you like with the Un Per Due, but we would recommend in particular:  Montasio or Gorgonzola. 


2) Pistachios or other nuts

Nuts in general are one of the perfect Happy Hour snacks.  They keep you satiated without being too heavy.  Again, the saltiness is a great complement to the Un Per Due flavor.  All nuts go great with our drink, but we particularly like pistachios and cashews!


3) Olives

The complex flavor of olives is the perfect complement to a Mediterranean beverage.  The Un Per Due is no exception!   Olives are a great pairing.  We are partial to Spanish olives.


4) Pickles

The salty-sour flavor of pickles helps to pull out the sweet and bitter combination of flavors in the Un Per Due.  We highly recommend this pairing!


5) Crackers

Crackers are great to snack on while sipping on your aperitif!  They also go well with the other snacks, particularly the cheeses and ham!


6) Your favorite hors d’oeuvres!

Un Per Due is a versatile drink in a ready to drink package perfect to bring with you anywhere!  You can pair it with whatever snacks and foods you prefer.  We’d love to hear what pairings you like best!  

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