Un Per Due Origins

Un Per Due Origins

  • 04 February, 2022
  • David Juliano

Un Per Due (One for Two) is a drink with its origins in the Northeastern most region of Italy.  It is a very refreshing, light alcoholic beverage typically drunk before dinner or even before lunch in bars across Friuli.  

The name of our product lies within the Friuli's Aperitivo culture.  Since the "establishment" of the spritz culture (commonly believed to have happened following to the Austrian invasion of the northern Italian Regions), Un per Due was the interpretation of the spritz in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Originally created mixing white wine with sparkling water, the German spritzen” (some people claim it was preferred by the Austrians because of being less alcoholic!) it underwent modifications substituting the sparkling water with bitter type sodas. In fact, if you order an Un Per Due in Friuli you can specify the type of bitter soda that you want. You also can let it at the bartender choose. 

Today we give you the extraordinary chance to taste this aperitivo cocktail in a ready-to-drink format. We want to bring this refreshing and exciting aperitif all over the world so that everyone can enjoy this exquisite taste!   We have created a canned version to spread both the drink and the aperetivo culture to those who wish to enjoy the experience even if they cant physically make it to Friuli.  

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